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A reviewer of a journal is responsible for maintaining guidelines for selecting and accepting papers submitted to the journal. While experienced researchers and academics may already understand and follow most of these guidelines, they can be of significant assistance to those who are new to reviewer duties.

Few important guidelines

  • Please feel free to provide an impartial review. We welcome revisions until the desired quality is achieved. Please only submit manuscripts that fall within the scope of the journal. If a manuscript is rejected, please clearly state the reason and provide guidance for further action if necessary. For example, if the rejection is due to language issues, suggest language editing. If the rejection is due to the subject being out of scope, please state so. Additionally, please ensure that the language used is of high quality and easily understandable by readers worldwide.

Ethical Obligations

  1. The reviewer must evaluate all manuscripts offered for publication without any bias based on the author(s)' race, religion, nationality, sex, seniority, or institutional affiliation, and judge each solely on its merits.The reviewer should promptly and carefully evaluate manuscripts submitted for publication. However, it is important to note that the final decision to accept or reject a manuscript lies solely with the editor.The reviewers must keep the information about a manuscript under consideration confidential and only share it with those who are consulted for professional advice. Once a decision is made, the editor may reveal the titles and authors' names of the accepted papers for publication.

  2. The reviewer should respect the authors' intellectual independence.If the author-editor were to review the manuscript in any capacity, it would be considered a conflict of interest in terms of editorial consideration.The reviewer should not use any unpublished information or interpretations from a submitted manuscript in their own research without the author's consent.If a manuscript is closely related to the reviewer's research, creating a conflict of interest, the editor should assign another qualified person to take editorial responsibility for it.To enhance readability, you could rephrase the sentence as follows: When submitting a manuscript, an author may ask the editor to exclude specific reviewers from the review process.

These are the general and ethical guidelines you need to adhere to achieve the quality output of a research paper.


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