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Journal Overview

Journal of Peptides (JOP) is a journal devoted to the scientific advancement of peptide research. JOP has made tremendous progress in establishing itself as a leading platform for the publication of original research articles and review papers in the field of peptide science. It is a place for researchers, scholars, and practitioners to share their ideas, knowledge, and experiences in the realm of peptide research. JOP is committed to inspiring authors to develop novel and innovative research topics and to advancing the knowledge of peptide science.


The journal provides unrestricted access, to the full-text and PDF versions of the articles. JOP serves as an excellent platform to keep up-to-date with the most recent developments in peptide science and to gather an understanding of the entire field. The journal publishes articles on a wide range of topics related both to fundamental research, such as the discovery and structure of peptides, such as peptide engineering, peptide-based drug discovery, and peptide-based vaccines. With its aim of advancing knowledge on peptide science, JOP provides a unique platform for academic exchange and collaboration among researchers from all parts of the world.



The journal publishes review articles, book reviews, and commentaries. Journal of Peptides(JOP) encourages authors to submit manuscripts dealing with any area of peptide science, whether they be purely experimental, theoretical, or a combination of both. 


JOP is committed to making its content available to the widest possible audience. Its open access publication model ensures that papers can be downloaded, read, and shared by anyone from anywhere in the world, as long as they are properly cited. Moreover, Journal of Peptides(JOP) does not charge its authors for the publication of their articles and therefore provides a golden opportunity for researchers to publish their work without any restrictions. 


In addition, JOP is committed to providing efficient and timely peer-review, editing, and publication process in order to ensure the prompt availability of quality research results. All submissions are thoroughly reviewed by members of the editorial board, consisting of renowned researchers from all over the world, who provide feedback and suggestions to improve the quality of the manuscripts. 


JOP provides a platform for the authors to share their research with the global scientific community and allows them to contribute to the advancement of peptide science. The journal allows authors to get wide attention for their work and presents an excellent opportunity to publish their work in a peer-reviewed journal.


Article Submission Procedure

All manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Peptides(JOP) undergo a rigorous peer review process, and accepted publication is published online within 2 days. 


Journal of Peptides(JOP) follows a strict article submission procedure. All manuscripts should be submitted online through our online submission system. Authors should provide a full manuscript including abstract, figures, tables, and references formatted according to journal guidelines. The manuscripts must be written in English and should not have been previously published or are currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. After submission, the manuscript will be evaluated by the journal's peer-review board which will determine whether the manuscript should be accepted for publication. Accepted manuscripts are published immediately and made available globally on the journal's web page.


Instructions for authors

The Instructions for Authors section of the journal website should be read carefully before submitting a manuscript. Submissions must be formatted in accordance with the journal's guidelines and should include an abstract as well as a list of keywords. Authors are responsible for ensuring that the submitted material is free from plagiarism and any other infringement. All submissions must be exclusively licensed to the journal and may not be published elsewhere.


Once a submission is accepted, the authors are responsible for paying the required article processing fees. Upon receiving the payment, the article is published as open access in the journal. 


Editorial Board

The editorial board of the Journal of Peptides(JOP) is composed of leading experts in the field of peptide-based therapeutics. This board consists of scientists from many fields such as biochemistry, structural biology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, etc. Their expertise and knowledge make JOP an ideal platform for the rapid dissemination of high-quality research papers on these subjects.


The editorial board also promotes the publishing of review articles that offer comprehensive coverage of a topic in the field of peptidomimetic development, peptide engineering, and peptide delivery systems. Journal of Peptides(JOP) also offers an expanded breadth of coverage for the most important and relevant topics in the field by allowing authors to submit.


In addition, the journal encourages submissions related to peptides in their application to drug development and clinical trials. As part of our mission to bring the most up-to-date and relevant advances in the field to our readers.


Article Processing Charges

Journal of Peptides(JOP) is committed to providing authors with maximum exposure to the scientific community. Publication fees help to offset the costs that go into the production of each article, and all manuscripts accepted for publication are subject to a nominal Article Processing Charge (APC) to ensure that high-quality scientific research is available to the broadest possible audience.


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