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Language Editing Service

The Language Editing Service pertains to the proficient use of language in an article to enhance its precision, clarity, and comprehensibility. It typically involves editing for grammar, punctuation, syntax, form, and structure, as well as improving academic tone and style. Such services also ensure the correct use of specialized terminology, abbreviations, and foreign language phrases, as well as consistency in spelling and formatting.

Using language editing services for your scientific manuscript, provided by native English speakers, can help you avoid potential rejections due to poor writing quality or grammar errors.

This service will check for proper usage of verbs with respect to the subject, consistency of tense for the information being presented, proper prepositions where required, article usage check, and replacing ambiguous words with more clear, meaningful, and quantitative words.

Proofreading is a process of examining written work for various errors related to spelling mistakes, typographical errors, incorrect use of punctuation marks, incorrect use of grammar, incorrect sentence formation, incorrect verb tense, incorrect use of words and phrases, and incorrect use of idioms and colloquial expressions.

Formatting a manuscript for a journal typically involves preparing the document in accordance with the journal's specific guidelines related to the structure, style, and formatting of articles. This usually includes:

  • Using the specific requirements relating to fonts, margins, headings and subheadings, line spacing, pagination, and other layout elements
  • Following the guidelines for citing references and constructing figures, tables, and placements
  • Ensuring that the manuscript contains the required sections and follows the preferred order of sections (title page, abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion, acknowledgment, references, and appendices, where applicable)
  • Adjusting the document to ensure it is within the maximum word count or page limit specified by the journal
  • Ensuring that all the required information i.e. capitalization, abbreviations, consistent and accurate hyphenation, References formatting, Spacing, formatting of text is included in the manuscript and all the necessary documents are provided
  • Ensuring that all the required information is in English, i.e., American or British English

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information regarding the pricing structure for our language enhancement services, as well as details pertaining to the pricing for formatting your manuscript.

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