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Submit Manuscript

Submit Manuscript


Submitting a manuscript for processing in the special issue of the “Journal of Biotechnology and Biomedical Science (JBBS) involves a few guidelines for smooth processing and publication of the article. 


Step-by-step instructions are outlined here which helps you in preparing the manuscript and submission.

Verify the scope of the special issue/call for papers:

Prior to submission of the article go through the special issue scope and its respective call papers to verify whether the article suits the theme of the issue and also check for any specific instructions. All details like theme, editor details, scope, and submission deadline are available in the respective special issue. You can find the special issue proposals in the ongoing special issue section.

Format your manuscript:

For fast and rapid publication of an article in the “Journal of Biotechnology and Biomedical Science”, the author has to follow the instructions outlined on the webpage. Complete details like formatting, reference styles, and structure of the manuscript. Also, check for any specific instructions on the ongoing special issue page.

Title and Abstract of the manuscript:

The title of the submitted article should be clear, concise, and informative clearly stating the content of your article.

Clearly state the abstract with research objectives, methods, results, and final outcome in about 100 words.


Outline the important and relevant keywords representing the main part of your study. This keyword section will help reviewers, editors, and readers to understand the focus of your manuscript.


Details of the Corresponding and Coauthors:

Write complete details with affiliations and email addresses of all the authors involved in the manuscript. Corresponding author details should be clearly outlined for further correspondence of the article.


Conflicts of Interest:

The author should disclose any potential conflicts of interest that influence the interpretation of your research work. If there are no conflicts in your work, please provide a statement to that effect.


Ethics and Consent:

If your research is concerned with animals or humans make sure you have all the ethical approval and permissions. Clearly state the information in your article.


Submission Procedure: 

Visit the journal's website or the online submission system specified in the CFP for the special issue. Simply email the files to [email protected]

  • Process for the First-time registered author at Manuscriptzone

Registering for the first time to log in requires a few simple steps. First, click the "Signup Here" button and create an account by providing the necessary information. Ensure that the email address you used to register is valid, as you will need to receive a confirmation email. Once you have successfully completed your account, you will receive a confirmation email. After logging in to the online editorial manager system, you can begin the submission process. Instructions on the page will guide you through the submission process.

Furthermore, it is important to keep the registration details in a safe place as these same details can be used to track the progress of the manuscript in the editorial manager system. Additionally, any future login attempts can use the same details for registration. 

  • Enrolled Authors

You can submit new manuscripts using this account. If you have forgotten your password, you can use the "Forgot Password" section. If you are unable to find your ID, please email us at mail. For assistance with online submissions or problems attaching your manuscript, kindly contact us.


Manuscript Files:

Make sure your article is formatted in a compatible file format i.e., in doc or docx.

If you are uploading the figures separately, convert them into jpg, jpeg, or png format. Tables should be labeled clearly with the appropriate title, and also include supplementary materials.


Cover Letter: 

A cover letter with the title of the manuscript, details of all the authors, article type, funding details, and any additional information like novelty, originality, and importance of the research, should be included with the scanned signature/digital signature of the corresponding author. 


Review & confirm your details:

Carefully review the complete details during registration and upload the manuscript before submission of the manuscript. All the authors of the manuscript should confirm that the submission complies with ethical guidelines, authorship criteria, and copyright requirements and all the authors are aware of submission of the manuscript to the journal.


Submit your manuscript

Once you have done with all the necessary requirements, click on the submit button to complete the submission process. After that, you will receive an automatic mail informing you that your manuscript has been received.


Next Steps Involved After Submission

Once the submission of the manuscript is done, the actual role of the publisher will come into the picture for processing and publishing the article online.


Manuscript Number Generation

Upon receiving the manuscript, the publisher will check for originality and plagiarism. If everything is fine, the editor will handle the manuscript and a manuscript number will be generated. 


Peer-Review process

Your article will undergo peer review by assigning it to respective experts in the field. Upon the comment of the reviewer, the decision on the manuscript is made (acceptance, revision, or rejection).


Revisions and Resubmission

If any revisions are requested, the author should address them and upload the revised files with a rebuttal letter.


Acceptance and Publication

After the reception of the revised files, the editor will review the manuscript and update the final decision on the manuscript. Thereafter, the article will be converted into PDF, XML, and HTML formats. The final version will be sent back to the author for final approval.


License & DOI

After approval of the manuscript, it will be linked with the DOI link and the article will be provided with a Creative Commons License.


Post Publication Engagement

Publishers inform the author about the online article, and they can promote the published article on various platforms, and colleagues, by conducting discussions and seminars related to the research.


Promotion & Indexing

The journal also takes the responsibility of promoting the published article on various platforms and indexing databases to increase article visibility and citations.

After following the guidelines effectively, the article can be submitted to the “Journal of Biotechnology and Biomedical Science”, in an efficient way.

The submitted article will undergo an effective peer review process successfully in the special issue and improve the quality of the manuscript.

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