Journal of Peptides

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Peptides-Microbiology-AbdulMuhsin Shami


Dep. Biotechnology,
Institute For Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology,
University of Baghdad.

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AbdulMuhsin Shami


Dep. Biotechnology,
Institute For Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology,
​University of Baghdad.

Research Interests:

Microbiology, Biotechnology.



  1. Synergy of antibacterial and antioxidant activities from crude extracts and peptides of selected plant mixture.
  2. Isolation and identification of anthraquinones extracted from Morinda citrifolia L. (Rubiaceae).
  3. The Effect of Alkaloidal Fraction from Annona squamosa L. against Pathogenic Bacteria with Antioxidant Activities.
  4. Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activities of Proteins Extracted from Annona squamosa Seeds.
  5. Isolation and identification of diterpenes extracted from of Annona squamosa..
  6. Isolation and identification of alkaloids extracted from local plants in Malaysia.
  7. Antibacterial, antioxidant and GC-MS analysis of Morinda citrifolia extracts.
  8. Antibacterial, antioxidant activities and LC-MS analysis of diterpenes from the fruit of Annona squamosa (Annonaceae).
  9. Bioactive Compounds from Plants as Antibacterial and Antioxidants.
  10. Treatment of infected BALB/C with polysaccharides from Rhizobium.