Journal of Human Health Research

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Human Health Research-Environmental health-Maite Vallejo


Instituto Nacional de Cardiologia Ignacio Chavez

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Maite Vallejo


Juan Badiano No.1, 3er piso de hospitalización. Colonia Sección XVI. Tlalpan, C.P. 14080 Ciudad de Mexico

Research Interests:

  • Environmental health
  • Social Determinants of health Non-communicable diseases


Most of my research work is related to cardiovascular system. I have work cardiovascular effect of Chagas disease, cardiovascular risk factors, cardiovascular effects related to air pollution exposure, vasovagal syncope and heart rate variability and, social determinants and partner violence and ischemic heart disease. At present I am the head of the Department of Sociomedical Research at the National Institute of Cardiology, Ignacio Chavez at Mexico City; where a longitudinal study is taking place, to identify the risk factors associated to the development of hypertension in Mexican population. Recent publications: Susana Rivera-Mancía; Eloisa Colín-Ramírez; Raúl Cartas-Rosado; Oscar Infante; Jesús Vargas-Barrón; Maite Vallejo*. Indicators of accumulated fat are stronger associated with prehypertension compared with indicators of circulating fat: a cross sectional-study. Medicine. 2018. 97:34 (e11869) Paola Vanessa Miranda-Alatriste, Eloisa Colin-Ramirez, Marymar Guillen Hernández, Susana Rivera Mancía, Raúl Cartas Rosado, Ángeles Espinosa-Cuevas, Ricardo Correa-Rotter, Maite Vallejo. Desarrollo de una herramienta de tamizaje para consumo elevado de sodio en una población adulta mexicana development of a screening tool for a high sodium intake in an adult Mexican population. Nutrición Hospitalaria (2018) acepted Mireya Martinez-Garcia; Jesus Vargas-Barron; Francisco Bañuelos-Tellez; Hector Gonzalez-Pacheco; Cristobal Fresno; Enrique Hernandez-Lemus; Marco A Martinez-Rios; Maite Vallejo*. Public insurance program impact on catastrophic health expenditure on acute myocardial infarction. Public Health. 2018; 158: 47-54. Mireya Martínez-García, Magaly Salinas-Ortega, Iván Estrada-Arriaga, Enrique Hernández-Lemus, Rodrigo García-Herrera, Maite Vallejo* . A systematic approach to analyze the social determinants of cardiovascular disease. 2018. PLoS ONE 13(1):e0190960. Eloisa Colín Ramírez, Susana Rivera-Mancía, Oscar Infante-Vázquez, Raúl Cartas Rosado, Jesús Vargas-Barrón, Magdalena Madero, Maite Vallejo*. Protocol for a prospective longitudinal study of risk factors for hypertension incidence in a Mexico City population: the Tlalpan 2020 cohort. (2017) BMJ open. Susana Rivera-Mancía, Eloisa Colín Ramírez, Sergio Montes, Raúl Cartas Rosado, Jesús Vargas-Barrón, Maite Vallejo. Dyslipidemia and tobaco smoking syncergistically increase serum manganese. Investigación Clínica. 2017; 58(3): 238-249 Maite Vallejo, Eloisa Colın-Ramırez, Susana Rivera Mancıa, Raul Cartas Rosado, Magdalena Madero, Oscar Infante Vazquez, and Jesus Vargas-Barron Assessment of Sodium and Potassium Intake by 24 h Urinary Excretion in a Healthy Mexican Cohort. (2017) Arch Med Res; 48:195-202